Design and manufacturing of injection molds

About us

With over 25 years experience, HIRUDEN is engaged in design and manufacturing, of thermoplastic, thermoset, rubber, aluminium and zamak injection molds.
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  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Electrical household
  • Others


  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermostable
  • Rubber
  • Aluminium/Zamak
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Moldes inyección

Injection molds

Engineering and design staff have great experience in 3d software systems and mold design.

Reverse engineering

We can create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part or mold to make the desired changes.

Ingeniera inversa


Working with our customers in the initial stage of the project, we can prevent / identify / correct the points in part geometry design, which may cause serious problems during injection process. This allows us to avoid unanticipated additional costs and shorten the time of part approval.


Since 2012, we are manufacturing molds with simultaneous injection of different materials through different gates. Rotating table or mold, core-back and cavity transfert processes are used.



In case of low-volume manufacturing, we can make sintering process and silicone or aluminium mold.

Own workshop

Our factory is located in Azagra – Navarre – Spain, so we can assure a very competitive terms & prices, as well as a great flexibility to deal with molds maintenance and repair.

We also have a mold workshop in Portugal located in an industrial area with a long tradition in the mold sector. This allows us great flexibility in dealing with mold maintenance. We also manufacture tools in low-cost countries in order to reduce operating expenses. We have a network of qualified partners in China.

OCA Global ISO 9001

Warranty and maintenance

Each mold is tested prior to shipment in order to meet customer requirements.

We have all the 3D technical documents, steel certificates and treatments that allow us to make a perfect mold maintenance and any changes requested by our customers.

Grupo Hirumec

Hirumec is formed by the integration of 2 companies with more than 25 years of experience in the injection molding sector. (Hiruden and MecMol)


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